Fixed Layout ebooks


Fixed Layout Books are mainly for the books where the layout is as important part of the communication as the content. These are perfect for cookbooks, travel books, photography books, and particularly children’s books and some textbooks.

A fixed layout ePub eBook has a pixel specific page size that you can use to precisely control the layout of the text, images, tables and other objects on the pages. The fixed layout ePUB allows embedding fonts, choosing particular text sizes, and precisely positioning images. 


The facilities in the fixed-layout are:

  • We can have two-page spread in which a single image spans both pages.
  • Helps text and images to get zoomed in the eBook reader – like zooming a picture.
  • The text does not reflow and you will have to pan around to see the page.
  • We can add audio and make it read alone along with highlighting.