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Ebook Formatting Services

It’s the digital age people! We already have a good share of our life lodged in the digital sphere, so why should reading be any different?

Readers treat their digital books the same way as their printed books. Especially business officials who might always have their references online, digital books are like their best friends on the go.

And for the same reason your e-books should be just as professional and attractive as your printed books. More importantly, you need it to transcend the boundaries of different devices.

In other words, you need your e-book to be compatible across all of the popular mobile devices and eReaders like Kindle, iPad or Nook.

So how do you achieve it?

We’ve got two words for you: eBook formatting

With an experience of almost 8 years in epublishing, Equire Tech is one of the most trusted ebook service partners for many independent authors and publishers world over. We have an efficient and talented team of publishing experts, who will guide you throughout the process of formatting and help you achieve the best results. Being communication savvy and friendly, you will have the best time working with us.

At Equire Tech, we carefully review and analyse each individual eBook to come up with the best custom layout and formatting techniques for the book. At every step we ensure that the publishers, the authors and the formatting team are in the same page, before proceeding with the next.

We also ensure that your document is formatted in the highest quality, so that it offers the same level of enhanced reading experience across all the popular eBook readers used in the world, including Kindle, iPad and Nook.

We provide one of the fastest formatting services in the industry, with an option for emergency authors and publishers to receive the finished book in as less as 2 days.

Unlike other service providers that you may have come across, we like to extend our relationship with you even after your eBook has been published, by providing additional support, just in case you have questions or have other publishing needs.

Moreover, we don’t claim any royalties on your published eBook. You get to keep 100% of your profits

Last but not least, we offer the best value for our services and final product, because we know how important your book is for you.

What are eBook formatting services includes

Files compatible with Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, Apple, Kobo, IngramSpark and Barnes, and Noble; all the major publishing sites

Other formats namely Word Doc, Mobi, and Epub also available

An accurate table of contents with corresponding links to relevant pages. Also an NCX for mobi and epub files.

Clear, prompt and transparent communication with our team of professional formatting experts

Carefully placed front page credentials including the title and copyright

All required hyperlinks to external sources like websites, social media channels, and email

Endnotes or footnotes with internal links.

Retention of existing font formatting such as bold, italics, strike through, superscript.

All this within a fast turnaround time of less than 5 days, along with a faster emergency option for authors and publishers to get it done in as low as two days.

What you need to do


All you need to do is send us your complete, proofread and ready-to-publish digital document in one of our accepted formats (please read the document guidelines here).

Once you fill out our form, one of our publishing experts will get in touch with you, and you can discuss your quote.

That’s about it. You can get your formatted eBook right on time, and affordable pricing.