Ebook Conversion


Are you struggling to get your Ebooks approved By Amazon Or Apple ? Unhappy with Automated Conversion tools which give you low quality ebooks? Let our professionals handle it. We can assure your

Ebooks will get approved On Amazon and Apple Instantly

Ebook Conversion

When you do not have your book or manuscript available online, you can come to us. Equire Technologies is here for all of your ebook needs. We are known for providing professional ebook conversion services worldwide. We also include high-quality eBook publishing and eBook formatting services. Our conversion formats are endless, offering authors and publishers an easy solution.

With today’s technological advancements, books and manuscripts are not just sold on paper anymore. Printed text is now sold and read through online resources. The proper term is an ebook, where an individual can access a document or book of any kind through the online web or app from a computer or tablet.

The reality is that being online is essential. Acquiring information or entertainment through an ebook is being used now more than ever before.

Even for the non-authors and publishers, eBook conversions are incredibly beneficial. For students and scholars alike, our expert team can convert any document into a plethora of epub formats.

For an affordable price, we can convert as many documents as you need. Learn more about our ebook conversion services and what we offer We offer Kindle conversion services and more. As a leading  ebook conversion company, we make it a priority to ensure we offer all recent-to-date  ebook conversions for Kindle, IBooks and other popular readers .

At Equiretech, we can convert from any form of Digital files such as HTML, PDF, MS Word, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Rich Text and many more to Epub2,Epub3 and Mobi. We also convert printed books to eBooks as well.

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Book Designing and Publishing

Equiretech prides itself on obtaining industry-grade technology that can provide clients the exact conversion they desire. Taking the stress off of our clients, we will find an easy and quick solution to providing you an ebook conversion.

Our eBook services also include conversion and formatting services such as optimization and editing of image files or illustrations to fit desired requirements of clients. Clients can rest assured when they receive their published ebook that it was thoroughly checked and browsed on all Apple products and other ePub-compatible e-readers.

At Equiretech we work hard to take consideration of everything that goes into each conversion such as presentation, images, audio, video and more. We value our reputation with our customers, so delivering high-quality content is at the core of what we do.

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Our epub conversion Process

The process of obtaining an ebook conversion with

Equire Technologies is quite simple. Here is how we do it

ebook layout

Provide us with the manuscript that needs to be converted.

Our highly advanced experts will then review the content and provide a quote

Once the quote approved upon, we will then execute the ebook conversion.

Once the eBook is successfully converted, our team will double check and test the formatting and quality of the ebook, as well as ensuring it works on multiple devices before its sent to our customer.

Once that is finished, it is set to be published and delivered!

Why We Are Your Best Choice


Everything we do is to serve our clients. We strive to provide the most professional,

high-quality eBooks to our customers, giving them something to be proud of.

There are many reasons why we should be your first choice for eBook conversion


Thorough eBook file proofing

Extensive experience (over 25,000 of eBooks converted in every genre!)

Each eBook is compatibility tested

100% guaranteed your eBook will meet your standards

Choose Equiretech Today

Are you ready to take the next step? We would love to help! At Equiretech we undertake just about any document for eBook conversions and formatting. It is complicated to convert certain formats, but our experts can tackle any complex conversion needed. Get in touch and email us your document to receive a quote today.


Do you convert Pdf to ePub2 or ePub3?

Don’t you have Indesign or source files? If you have Pdf which is editable(Not Scanned), we can convert this file to EPub2 or Epub3 based on your requirements. Few issues which our Professionals take care are:

  • Missing fonts which can be replaced by similar fonts.
  • We Ensure all Style are included In the Epub as per the Pdf.
  • Check for all Table Formatting.
  • Avoid any Text merger issues between Paragraphs.
  • We are happy to help you with Epub conversion Services.

I have an epub can it be converted to Mobi

(Epub to Amazon Kindle)?

Yes, we can Convert Epub to Amazon Kindle format( Mobi). However, There are differences listed below compared to Epub.

  • Tables: Long Tables which are more than Two pages have to be Images.
  • Fonts : Amazon Suggest using only Black Fonts for Night Mode option.
  • Stylesheets: Its always suggested to Use “EM” for Page and Paragraph Margins to avoid any layout differences. There are Restrictions on use of Dropcaps.