Book Layout

Have you had enough of working with people who claim to be experienced publishers, professional editors or skilled designers, but simply do not deliver? At Equire Technologies we understand the importance of offering high-quality publishing and editorial services, tailored to the individual requirements of each of our customers.

You will be happy to find that our wide range of services meet all your publishing needs, delivering a timely product on par with international industry standards. Offering end to end solutions which include: content development, writing, editing, copywriting, proofreading, translating and transcribing; book cover design, layout and formatting; as well as research and project management, we endeavor to create just the right book.

Professional typesetting services

Typesetting is a detailed and critical process. The content needs to be properly rendered on a variety of devices to create maximum visual impact.

At Equire Technology we have a team of experienced designers and typesetters who bring together a balanced blend of creativity and pagination expertise.

Proficient in the latest versions of different typesetting software, including Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, our composition team uses standard industry practices and technologies to handle plain as well as complex text for content arrangement.

Taking great care to preserve the integrity of the content by initially transforming it into a standard neutral file format (XML), our experienced group of skilled compositors, graphic artists and QCs handle Page Layout for publishers, covering fields as wide as Science, Technology, Medicine, Law and Education.We also handle specialized mathematics software, including InMath®, MathType®, and Xpress Math® for books and journals on mathematics.

With a track record of delivering impactful output for material of different complexities, our typesetting services and book typesetting services are a notch above the rest.

Interior Book design and Formatting services

Are you familiar with the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? At Equire Technologies we know that what you write matters as much as how it is presented. With an eye for clarity and emphasis on readability, our design team will help you find the right design to suit the content of your book.

Taking into consideration elements of editorial design such as formatting, lay-out, typography, display, visual hierarchy, kerning, leading, tracking, legibility, alignment and many more; we have a keen interest in making your book as attractive as it is enriching.

Advantages of working with Equire Technologies

own pre-processing workflow tool

Equire Technologies has developed its own pre-processing workflow tool for journals and books. These files can be used directly for composition or XML conversion, thus ensuring first-rate quality and faster production cycles.

Author Proofing System

We have an in-house Author Proofing System, an effective application interface that facilitates author amendments.

PDF optimization

We offer PDF optimization for both online and print version.

Years of experience

Years of typesetting experience with school and college books, academic papers, research publications, fiction, STM journals, trade manuals, ChemDraw and educational books

Clear work of the quality controllers

Our quality controllers ensure uniformity in all phases of style and usage, focusing on:

– Trim and margin of the title as per specification.

– Styling headings levels, lists and other formatting features.

– Placement of tables, figures, boxes and marginal notes, as well as, footnotes and footnote numbering, etc. Including all elements close to the citation.

– Sizing and positioning of illustrations and figures.

– Footnotes and footnote reference.

– Zero error zones (pagination, running head, folios, crop mark, water mark).

– Equation formats and alignments.

– Consistency over references and math variables.

– For Web, ensuring that the final PDF without a crop mark.

– Making sure that updates and instructions are followed.

For our clients

Flexible and personalized publishing services.

Rates that meet your unique budget.

A team of seasoned professionals who are familiar with the intricacies of publishing and understand your needs.

A group of specialists experienced in handling multilingual typesetting in languages such as: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, etc.

We offer Amazon self-publishing and book formatting services, as well as: general editorial servicesproject management and book cover design.

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