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Looking to outsource Publishing services that guarantee quality? Equire Technologies are the digital content and publishing innovators, and we only work with professionals who dominate the traditional publishing and production sector. Have you ever…


Worked with over-extended publishers?


Spent unnecessary time searching for quality freelancers for specific publishing projects?


Struggled to find competent professionals who understand editorial production?


Had doubts about which professionals to hire?


At Equire Technologies we work with both local and international publishers and our eBook development and book publishing services are flexible and affordable. We give you access to a team of highly-skilled professionals who use the latest technology, ensuring the very best results each and every time.

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eBook Publishing and Conversion

The demand for online content has skyrocketed in recent years, with eBooks playing a leading role. With so many users accessing content on their digital devices, publishers can no longer afford to ignore the growing demand for eBooks. At Equire Technologies, we assist our clients with eBook conversions, magazine digitization as well as fixed layout and interactive eBook development. Find out more about our eBook services.

Book Designing and Publishing

The exorbitant costs involved with publishing a book is what often prevents publishers from thriving or leads to them putting a product of inferior quality on shelves. At Equire Technologies we offer an all-in-one book publishing service (book cover design, editorial service) that incorporates the latest InDesign technology, a team of creative experts and efficient turnaround times, all at affordable rates. Find out more about our book design services.

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Pioneering the Future of Online Publishing

Technology has changed how users access and consume content, which means that publishers everywhere need to adapt if they want to thrive in this digital age.

Unfortunately, the options available to small to medium publishers are rather limited, with many digital and book publishing services being more geared towards larger organizations.

Equire Technologies recognizes the importance of our ever-changing digital landscape and believes that affordable, high-quality digital publishing services that make use of the latest technology should be accessible to publishers of every size.

By staying abreast of the latest developments in the digital content and publishing arenas, we’re able to offer our customers a superior array of services that cater to their specific publishing requirements. Let us help you produce a product that you’re proud of at a pace that suites your needs.


I’ve always appreciated Equire, but never invested quite enough time or resources to have one of our own that matched my aspirations. Now, thanks to Equire’s skill, we have a designs we can be proud of

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