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Equire provides a comprehensive set of EDGAR conversion and filing services in HTML, ASCII or XBRL formats. 

Formatting − Conversion and filing of EDGAR I (ASCII) and EDGAR II (HTML) compliant documents. We convert electronic and paper documents to SEC compliant EDGAR I & II and formats including :

  • Transactional

  • Compliance

  • Mutual Funds

  • Reports (10-Q, 10-K, 6-K, 8-K, N-PX)

  • Registrations (S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-6, S-8, 424, 20-F, N-2)

  • Proxies (14A, 14C)

Proof-Reading & Typesetting–When theartifactsare gathered from numerous sources, it requires operator involvement. Equire’s team of typesetters proofread, to certify that artifacts are precisely filed. A final proof will be delivered to the client for sign off before a filing is conveyed to the SEC.Our purpose is to deliver a specialized as well as an precise representation of your company by organizing artifactsas perSEC guidelines


Our end-to-end XBRL services include consulting, mapping, tagging and validating to compliant filing with the SEC. Equire begins every project with a pre-defined XBRL methodology.

  • This comprises operational activities with the client.

  • Our enterprises with proficient U.S.-based CPAs (chosen as project managers) helps us with effective implementation.

  • Our experts has helped build XBRL taxonomies for a large number of companies and have effectively submitted XBRL filings to the SEC.

  • XBRL team brings years of experience working with taxonomies; implementation, documentation and SEC requirements to each project thereby offering the clients with supreme quality, service and cost-effective offering.

  • Equire will process all of the manual tagging work required to create an XBRL template as well as the roll forward of each quarterly XBRL instance and their required updates. This will reduce your expenditure on XBRL resources & applications.

End to End XBRL Offering:

  • Data Extraction from multiple sources

  • Data mapping

  • Taxonomy extensions

  • XBRL Validation

  • XBRL instance generation

Why Equire?

  • Our in-house accountants and XBRL specialists will streamline the entire process step by step

  • At SEC, your information is always reviewed by our CPAs followed by a thorough analysis through automated channels to cross verify tagging in your documents before submission

  • Our managers are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to assist you at all times.

  • Tailored service, quicker turnaround times and cost-effective rates have made SEC Compliance one of the fastest growing filing agents globally.

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