What We Do


Ebook Services

Every industry today is content-driven. Content is a new driving force in businesses. At Equire we understand the importance of Content Development and our team is well-equipped with the latest content solutions that can provide every client with an excellent process that can fit well in the digital space.


Content that carries the right usage of words get through the best results. At Equire, we understand the significance of generating the right content that is informative and interactive. We provide our clients with composition services that include page composition, art creation and modification, design, and keying.

Packaging Premedia Solution

Packaging of products has been evolving for decades now. The adaptation to different sizes, image manipulation, embossing adds a unique touch to every size and shape of a product. We understand the essentiality of the product design and provide our clients with the best packaging solutions.

E Learning Solutions

E-Learning has evolved over time and has given a new meaning to learning lately. With smartphones and smart-devices on the go, individuals are opting more for interactive video learning  classes. Therefore, publishers are on the lookout for experts who can help them create engaging content that will improve learning experience and perform.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the latest method used to market one’s product or services, but are we using the right internet marketing strategy? Businesses should strategize based on Social Media, SEO, Internet Marketing channels, Content, Website Designing, Mobile Apps, Email Marketing and more. At Equire, we provide solutions based on the client’s marketingobjective.