Project Management

Equire leverages industry information and best practices on each deliverablefor its esteemed institution and publishing clients. Our team of designers, SME’s & specialists work in conjunction with experienced project managers to ensure customer delight.

Our technology encouragement and processes group apply their extensive experience and knowledge to develop appropriate tools, technologies and production processes for each client.

Our Project Management services include:

  • Planning, designing, cast-off, coordinating, and end to end project management starting from requirement gathering & validation to final delivery of the product
  • Coordinating with authors, editors, publishers and production staff.
  • Handling queries and securing timely solutions.
  • Tracking of manuscripts, pre-editing, copyediting, copyright, artwork, pagination, quality control, proofreading, collation, indexing and delivery of final proof through the entire phase of production to meet the client requirements within the committed time frame.

Equire has developed a Production Management System (PMS) that simplifies project monitoring.

The noticeable features are:

  • Login and Delivery system.
  • Workflow management system
  • Project tracking& Reporting
  • Finance management
  • Quality management
  • Auto e-proofing
  • Query management

Our project managers communicate consistently with clients to ensure that each project moves seamlessly through all stages of typesetting.