Journal Solutions

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As publishing continues to evolve more emphasis is being put on multipurpose content which can be delivered as per user preferences (iPad apps, PDF, eBooks like Kindle and iBooks, HTML for the Web, audiobooks, custom books, printed books, etc.).

Equire provide send to end composition services for production of journals with utmost precision and fast turnaround times. We handle both simple and complex data, from straight text to complex mathematics; our comprehensive knowledge of SGML/XML workflow helps us to take a proactive approach to handling any journal project.

As experts in LaTeX, QuarkXPress, InDesign, 3B2, and FrameMaker, Equire offers front-end XML for simultaneous delivery to both print and digital media thus enabling us to meet the needs of a diverse market including:

  • Publishers (STM, Social Science, Humanities)

  • Professional and scholarly publishing societies, institutes, associations

  • University presses.


  • Generating a robust tracking & validation system

  • Integration between customers provided XML validation tool with efficient workflow management system (WMS) and auto-pagination for reduced composition time

  • Framework development to take care of automatic download/upload of customer inputs and deliverables/update of project status/file integrity check etc.

Our extensive ability to work with multiple DTDs helps us resolve disputes, fix glitches and quickly execute complex implementation of journal markup languages. Whereas wealso have the expertise and knowledge to manage journal articles for Publish Ahead of Print and also upload the contents of the full issue directly to the vendor’s website platform (e.g. HighWire, Atypon) as per the provided specifications.