Index & Tagging


Equire carefully compilespage proofs and designs a content workflow to create a meaningful reader specific output. This is typically based on the generated concordance and grouping ofsimilar concepts. Post which, cross-referencing analytics are applied to edit the index tohelp maintain structure uniformity.

Our skilled resources have humongous knowledge on creating best in class indexes. They work in conjunction with authors toaddress their specific indexing needs.


Precisely tagged content is the base for its fluid reuse across multiple channels: XML tags differentiateheaders from body copy, text from photos, charts from graphs etc….XML tags, as well as other types of metadata, makes your content more scalable and discoverable through advanced search capabilities.


XML tagging also helps in structuring, formatting and styling“flat” files with long lines of text—Word documents, PDFs, and application files such as Adobe InDesign.

Leverage the expertise of Equire team for your tagging requirements with reduced turnaround time.

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