Image Manipulation


To edit complex or highly detailed images, masking is the best method available. Our masking services can take images with transparent components or fine details (such as hair or fur) and set those images against new backdrops. Best of all, we can give you the open masked files from alpha channels, so that you can take the masked image and re-use it for other projects.

Making Meaning of Masking

Masking is a photo editing process that involves covering, or masking, part of an image and protecting it from editing. The un-masked part can then be isolated, edited, or removed. Masking allows the editor to change the colours of the un-masked area or change the background surrounding the masked image. Although masking is similar to a clipping path, masking is more advanced and allows the editor to isolate small details, like strands of hair, and protect those areas so that they can be used in the new image. Images that are rich with texture or detail should be edited with masking. Masking also can be used to transfer transparent objects, like wedding veils, from one background to another.

Image Retouch

Image retouching is like having your very own airbrushing technician and makeover artist. To conceal blemishes and enhance the most flattering qualities of people in any photo, image retouching is the key.

Image Retouching Brings Out the Best in an Image

Image retouching involves use photo editing techniques to improve the overall appearance of people in photos. Unsightly blemishes, scars, acne, bloodshot or red eyes, wrinkles or yellowed teeth, all these can distract from the finer qualities of the individual in the photo. Sometimes, poor lighting or low-quality camera lenses also can produce an unflattering photo of an otherwise attractive person. Image retouching can solve these issues by eliminating any undesirable elements from a photo, brightening the image, and highlighting the best features of the individuals in the photo, so they can look picture-perfect. Image retouching also can be used as an after-photo makeover service with touch-ups or add-ons of eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, etc, to enhance and beautify the individuals in the photo.