Technology today is flexibile enough to mold learning in an effortless manner and introduce elements like interactive exercises, scenarios & simulation through game based learning. Research shows that games are highly efffective & sustainable when they are designed to meet specific learning objectives relating back to the learner’s job.

Whether developing end to end learning module on the gaming platform or mini games which can be blended with regular e-learning courses, Equire offers a rich and diverse experience in the game based learing space. Ourcomprehensive game based learning design and development services target  wide variety of learning and performance outcomes.

Our Game based solutions include:

  • Instructionally sound design and development with thorough understanding of learning approaches and learners demographics
  • Gaming elements like pattern recognition, accumulating badges, surprise delights, organizing and creating order, gifting, leadership boards to engage and motivate learners.
  • Features like social, mobile, gamification, games based assessments and analytics.
  • Knowledge & performance oriented serious games & simulations that are immersive, motivating and challenging.