Flash to HTML5 conversion Services


Seamlessly convert Flash to HTML5!


We are experiencing a drastic change in learning patterns with significant inclination of learners and organizations towards features like native support for rich media, compatibility of content with major browsers, operating systems and devices, Converting Flash based legacy content to HTML5 has now become need of the hour. Our seamless conversion services offer you:

  • Aesthetically appealing designs and layouts adaptable for a range of form factors and orientations.
  • Expertise and solutions for cost-effective flash to html 5 conversions
  • Necessary changes to user interfaces, design, graphics, file formats and content treatment
  • Smooth porting across various platforms and mobile devices
  • Rapid authoring tools for faster turnaround time and cost effective

Flash is fading out and adopting HTML is the best way forward, one should consider the below facts which explain why this platform transition is necessary.

  • In sync with the Trend: BYOD (bring your own devices) is the latest trend. Users can switch to multiple devices and in such scenario it is necessary to adopt with a technology that can be built once and delivered everywhere.
  • Free your Investment: Converting Flash courses to HTML5 unlocks some of your investment.You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for developing new modules to support different browsers and devices.
  • Future Ready:Migrate to an investment safe future with a robust platform neutral tool like Adobe Flash to Html.

Why EquireTech for Flash Conversion?


There are lot of free and online conversion tools but these are not very efficient for complex or large scale conversions. We provide with customised and interactive designs that provide a rich user experience on multiple browsers and devices.

  • Our Proprietary Tools
  • Extended Testing on Platforms and Browsers.
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Cost Effective
  • Experienced team
  • Customer support

How we convert FLASH to HTML5?


Not all conversions have the same solution, Our experienced team performs various tests on the Source files Swf or Fla to come up with a Effective Solution.

  • Get Client Requirements.
  • Analyze The Source files (fla, swf).
  • Platforms, Browsers the files should be compatible.
  • Use css animations or Sprite Sheets.
  • Provide Sample templates for approval
  • Brief Clients on certain differences that might occur between Flash and Html5.
  • Testing on all browsers or Lms as per requirements.