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Photo Color Rectification

Our knowledgeable color experts can retouch digital images in RGB or CMYK Color Space using your detailed Color Profiles to match your most exacting benchmarks. In performing Color Alterations, contrast and sharpness levels are altered and the values of color frequencies are changed to accomplish the preferred result in the image. Sometimes inappropriate white balance, insufficient light, unsuitable exposure and some other dynamics may give your photograph a gloomy impact; even sometimes your photographs can lose its worth.

Equire’s top-notch color rectificationoffer includes:

  • Setting the precise contrast

  • Brightness and sharpness of the Images

  • Eliminating in opportune color casts.

  • Augmenting and sustainingtexture in balance and tone.

  • Improvement of contrast and density in various color frequencies.

  • Rectify issues caused by inappropriateexperience

  • Setting the accurate pixilation

Product Swatch Matching

Equire’s product imaging specialists understand that its vital that your products are represented with the precise color in the printed or digital medium as in the actual product itself. Our artists have conquered the art of swatch matching and product retouching.Imprecisecolor reproduction can have costlyconsequences - product returns can upset your lowermost line and can effect consumer assurance in your brand. Catalogue majors distinguish the importance of this and work closely with us at every stage - from initial capture through swatch matching and final sign off. We have the individuals, knowledge and abilities to apprehend even your most demanding necessities, whether from a solo image to acomplete catalog.

Digital Imaging Services

Equire’senthusiasticsquad of extremelyskillful and knowledgeable imaging specialists can assist your most challenging image and photo correctingnecessities. Our in-house quality assuranceecosystem promises value adding and delivers the job based on your requirements.

Equire’s has widespreadpractice in handling solutions for digital images from photo studios, organizations, publishers.

EquireWorldwideProof expertiseempowers work-in-progress files to be color proofed & marked-up on-line. This means work can be soft-proofed from your site anywhere on the planet. We propose high-quality premedia assistances for a portion of your imaging and photography workflow or provide end-to-end services that accomplish all your back-end digital imaging prerequisites:

  • Masking & re-sizing

  • Cleaning & re-touching

  • Colorizing & Color restoration

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