Book Publishing


Tired of working with over-extended publishers or professionals who simply don’t have enough experience with book publishing and production processes?

At Equire Technologies we understand that editorial and publishing services need to meet the individual requirements of each of our customers and we believe in giving each of our book publishing projects the time and effort it takes to produce a world-class product.

As an Equire Technologies client you can expect:

  • Flexible, individualized publishing services
  • Affordable editorial and publishing rates that meet your unique budget
  • A team of seasoned professionals who understand the ins and outs of the publishing process
  • Experience in handling multilingual typesetting in languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Danish, Italian etc.,

Along with Amazon self-publishing and book interior formatting services, our book publishing offering includes:

InDesign Book Layout

The detailed book layout process is one that we excel at. Our InDesign page layout services ensure that every book we produce is visually appealing and meets the high standards of today’s reader. Our experienced team of designers and typesetters have years of experience with book layouts and have an in-depth understanding of the publishing and production process.

Using the latest technology and the right book layout template, we can help you create a product that you’ll be proud to publish. From layout design and measuring to styling and equation formatting, our InDesign book layout services are unparalleled.

Book Cover Design

With the help of our in-house designers, illustrators, and photographers, we take book cover design to a whole new level. Years of industry experience means our design team understands what it takes to create eye-catching covers that sell.

We have worked on an array of corporate and editorial projects that each has their own unique requirements. A combination of artistic flare and industry know-how ensures that your book cover will be unlike any other.

Copy Editing

At Equire Technologies, quality is our highest priority. Having access to a team of experienced copy editors and technical editors mean our clients can always expect a high attention to detail when it comes to the production of their book, internal manuals or magazines.

Our copy-editing services include language QA, reference checking and consistency checking according to client editorial guidelines as well aslanguage editing for non-English speaking authors.

Project Management

Our entire editorial and publishing staff work alongside experienced project managers to ensure that we are always delivering on time and to spec.

Our team of project managers have a complete background in book publishing, layout, and design and understand the entire process from start to print. At Equire we believe in keeping our clients up to date every step of the way, ensuring that they’re receiving the end result they’ve paid for.