Book Layout


Typesetting process is a very critical phase of the publishing. The best written content needs to be rendered well on a variety of devices, seamlessly, for maximum visual impact.

  • Conventional and Multilingual Typesetting
  • Design andLayout
  • Illustrations and artwork
  • Document management
  • Content distribution

Equire has a team of experienced designers and typesetters who bring together a balanced blend of technical expertise in pagination tools and creativity. With a track record of delivering impactful output for material of a wide range of complexities, publishers need to look no farther than E-quire !

The composition team uses the standard industry practices and technologies to handle plain text as well as complex content. We initially transform the content to a standard neutral file format (XML), fully preserving the content integrity.

Our experienced team, which includes skilled compositors, graphic artists, and QCs handles page design, layout for publishers in fields such as science, technology, medicine, law and education.

(We handle specialist mathematics software including InMath®, MathType®, and Xpress Math® for books and journals on mathematics).

Our team is proficient in the latest versions of typesetting software, including:

Adobe InDesign


We typeset books and journals using XML-first or non-XML workflow depending on customer’s requirements”


  • Equire has developed its own pre-processing tool for journals and books workflow. These files can be used directly for composition or XML conversion thus ensuring top notch quality and faster production cycles
  • Leverage our in-house Author Proofing System, an effectiveapplication interface to facilitate author amendments.

Our quality controllersensure uniformity in all phases of style and usage focusing on:

  • Layout designing & measuring.
  • Styling of headings, lists and other features.
  • Tables, figures, boxes and schemes formats.
  • Equation formats and alignments.
  • Consistency over references and math variables.