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In global markets, numerous sales channels, uneven regulatory environments, fluctuating customer requests. These are just some of the drivers that make managing the operations, sales and marketing of your business increasingly complex. And to handle that complexity you need a clear view across every aspect of your organization.

We plunge into the business intelligence life cycle. Understanding how it works and taking control of the cycle requires the discipline of appropriate predictive modeling and other management solutions.

Equire automates the process of transforming large amount of distinct and multifaceted data into a user-ready business model and data store. This authorizes analysts and business owners to easily analyze, visualize and report data diagonally numerous sources without relying on IT. Our experts assemble data from several sources like large data warehouses, web clickstreams and social media to construct a holistic view of a business.

We support many leading Big Data sources such as:

  • Hadoop & Hbase

  • Flumes

  • Map Reduce

  • Hortonworks

  • Cloudera

  • Cassandra and more.

Equire shrink your reliance on data analysts and begin answering your questions related to social data & other data volumes with big data solutions. Equire as a Big Data company wrestles data assortment, transformation & modeling to give analysis power in the business users’ hands. We transform your data into intuitive & effective reports, dashboards and visualizations with the help of big data analytic services also we assit them rapidly identify the areas that require improvement and where they are progressing.

Equire can assists in:

  • Consulting – Consultative services to assist you define your Big Data approach, outline and roadmap

  • Implementation – Agile implementation of advanced Big Data analytic applications

  • Data Warehouse Modernization & Data Science – Optimize and migrate data and applications from the enterprise data warehouse to the Big Data warehouse &Advanced predictive analytical models and algorithms

  • Real-time Streaming Analytics – Analyze and respond to events in real-time at Big Data scale with our enterprise class streaming analytics platform

  • BI on Big Data – Discover of the power of interactive OLAP/ BI on Big Data. Deliver massive scalability and performance using cubes on Hadoop.

Business Model Implementation:

Staff Augmentation Services provide key personnel for organizations pursuing Big Data transformations, whether staffing a Proof Of Concept or undergoing an enterprise-wide Big Data transformation. Our Big Data experts pull from a talent database that contains thousands of Big Data experienced candidates, covering the full spectrum of roles, competencies, capabilities and Big Data experience that will supplement and enhance your existing team.

Equire’s Agile Recruiting and Staff Augmentation Services are geared to providing cost-effective personnel to enhance and supplement existing staff. Typical Big Data competency areas  include:

  • SaaS & BDaaS solutions

  • Integrated solutions

  • Data Integration solutions

  • Hadoop, NoSQL, MPP & NewSQL expertise

  • Business Intelligence solutions

  • Data Management &Analytics solutions

Spectacular quantity of big data being diffused and gathered by millions of digital devices on daily basis, We help various industries like Pharma & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, telecommunication, Entertainment and many more..

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