Bespoke Product Development

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With our team of experienced Designers and Engineers, coupled with our network of specialist suppliers and in-house Welders, Fitters and Software Developers, we are able to custom develop and manufacture a solution that perfectly meets your individual requirements.

Equirehas also long served as a white label developer of bespoke digital publisher products in the K-12 and higher edu. domains.

Once again, the intersection of our technology and subject matter expertise has allowed us to repeatedly beat global technology and product development firms when it comes to developing successful educational products for our clients.

Interactive Website Development

Our squad of User Experience specialists will study your needs and market occurrence, and offer you spontaneous, visually developed layouts based on insights from business and technology standpoints for better quality, lower cost, faster turnaround and achievement in the digital ecosystem.

Our developers use the power and flexibility of PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, AJAX, VB.Net, C#, Java, Adobe, Flash, XML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 programming to develop fast, interactive and live solutions in order to support your product or business goals.

Equire can offer you skillful services in:

  • Develop e-Commerce Websites

  • Website Design and Development

  • Website Renovation& Restoration

Instances of our experience in making customer-facing sites embrace creation of a full-featured virtual conference site, a flagship e-commerce product portal, and a digital educational products e-commerce site directed at educational institutions and retail customers in the K-12 domain.

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